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Human Design Consultation Image - Human Body Energetic System

Human Design Consultation

If you’ve appreciated the results from Myers Briggs or other similar personality tests, then you’ll love this next-level insight. Encompassing the four ancient wisdom traditions of the Kabbalah, the I Ching, the Chakra system and Astrology, as well as the two modern sciences of neutrino physics and the human genetic code, Human Design is the first system to reveal our unconscious, genetically inherited imprinting. The Human Design System details your unique energy blueprint which provides specific insight into your personality traits, health, personal psychology, talents, wisdom, and vulnerabilities so you can leverage your energy correctly to live an authentic and abundant life.

Your Human Design chart is calculated using your birth date, time, and place. Combining the principles of Traditional, Evolutionary, and Quantum Human Design, we help you (1) discover your unique energy blueprint, (2) understand the basics of your design, and (3) incorporate the knowledge into your life so you can live with purpose in your journey.


Archetypes & Sacred Contracts Consultation

Learn to recognize the archetypal patterns working within you and influencing your energy, to support your personal development. Archetypes are the energy companions through whom we can learn to understand ourselves. Symbolic sight enables you to get back your energy and heal emotionally, spiritually, and sometimes even physically. By coming to know your life’s mission, or Contract, you can live your life in a way that makes best use of your energy to enhance your personal spiritual growth while contributing to the evolution of the entire global soul.

A Contract is your overall relationship to your personal power and spiritual power. It’s your Divine potential. Our individual spiritual task is to recognize and integrate all of them into our awareness so that the greater pattern of our mission can shine forth in its full dimensions. In short, a Sacred Contract is an agreement your soul makes before you are born-you promise to do certain things for yourself, for others, and for Divine purposes.