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who we are

Our Story

Sound Alternative emerged after we discovered fulfillment and empowerment in our own lives.

 We had successful careers. We enjoyed working hard and accomplishing work and life goals, but we felt discontent about who we were and a little lost about where we were heading as individuals. Wanting to break free from feeling unhealthy in both body and spirit, we knew we had to make changes, so we dove headfirst into the world of holistic wellness. Over time, Sound Healing, Emotion & Body Code, Reiki, and essential oils, in cooperation with other healthy life changes made such a difference in our lives that we knew we had to share our discovery of self-fulfillment, balance, and wellness with others.

Our Why

Sound Alternative was created so we could share these extraordinary life-altering methods with you.

We offer ‘sound’ alternatives to what you’re currently doing that’s not working for you. Life is a journey and we’re all in different places. It is important that you find the unique path that allows you to live your authentic, healthy, and happy self. We know that what works for one person may not work for another, so we tailor what we offer to your specific needs. Our work is based on the premise that, instead of thinking outside the box, what if there is no box? Your potential is limitless. If you’re seeking a peaceful, fulfilling existence with purpose and direction, we would be honored to help you along that path of healing, learning, and loving yourself.

Our Mission

To guide others to their limitless potential for peace and self-empowerment by offering holistic approaches to balance, wellness, and self-discovery.

Tara Gess

Tara Gess, JD

Empowerment Coach, Emotion & Body Code Practitioner, Sound Healer & Owner

Tara Gess is a certified Emotion & Body Code Practitioner, an Empowerment Coach, a certified Florida Circuit Civil Mediator, and is licensed to practice law in Tennessee. She is also an energy intuitive, channeler, musician, and certified Sound Healer Practitioner. This diverse expertise and experience effectively balance her logical and analytical intelligence with her entrepreneurial and intuitive abilities so she can offer practical applications focused on enabling people to heal from their past experiences, own who they are, and move forward with living a more joyful and balanced purpose.

With a direct and fun approach to healing, Tara uses proven methods to guide individuals to release trapped, unhealthy emotional energy and achieve a new level of self-awareness that feels exciting and empowering. Tara also mentors creatives, healers, leaders, entrepreneurs, and executives who seek to authentically and fearlessly offer their unique gifts and talents to the world. Her goal is to help one person at a time heal so they are empowered to live the most inspired version of themselves. She believes deeply in the power of a single person’s ability to impact their family and community. She recognizes that many people are searching for a little direction to secure a profound mastery of their natural gifts, desires, and life purpose. Tara’s understanding of what works for one person may not work for another has inspired her method of various techniques to provide an intuitive and science-based, personalized service uniquely tailored to everyone who chooses to work with her.

Sharon Lesko

Sharon Lesko

Reiki Master, Sound Healer & Owner

Sharon Lesko is a certified Reiki Master Teacher and Sound Healer. She was born into a family with grounded beliefs in spirituality, and her experience as a musician began at age ten. As a multi-instrumentalist, in addition to traditional sound healing instruments, including metal and crystal bowls, handpan drum, and many others, she’s also a ukulele, electric bass, bongo, and percussion player. Sharon believes that our connection with music is very personal, and it can have a profoundly positive and immediate impact on our well-being.

Her journey as a Reiki practitioner emerged from a need to find her own inner peace and direction; and has since grown into her practice of offering and teaching this rejuvenating modality with others. Sharon believes that the practice of Reiki can be woven into all aspects of daily life and that healing energy is all around us just waiting for us to soak it in. We only need to open our hearts and allow. As an energy healer, she is experienced with using essential oils and crystals to enhance your restorative session to another level. She uses Reiki, sound, essential oils, and crystals daily for her own wellness regimen.

Prior to focusing on energy healing full-time, Sharon worked in leadership roles at Fortune 500 companies and non-profit organizations ranging from General Manager to Programs/Operations Director and Human Resources Director. Her experience with overcoming burnout, stress, and anxiety inspires her compassion and drive to assist others as they journey to maintain peace, balance, and find inner fulfillment.