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 “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration.”
~Nikola Tesla

Energy healing is one of the oldest practices known in the world today. Since 4000 BCE, healers have understood that our health depends on the quality of energy that flows through and makes up our bodies. In Chinese medicine, that energy is called qi or chi. In ancient Indian or Ayurvedic medicine, this energy is called prana. Imbalances in this energy may deeply affect our physical and mental health. The existence of the “human energy field” has been a basic tenet of the healing arts for an exceptionally long time and now modern scientists know with absolute certainty that an energy field exists. Using various devices, scientists have learned that all of the tissues and organs in the body produce specific magnetic fields and this is known as biomagnetism. Mainstream science is now acknowledging the existence of energy meridians used by ancient Chinese and other cultures’ medical doctors for thousands of years. Surgeons are inviting Reiki practitioners to promote healing energy during operations, acupuncture is recognized for its energetic healing power, and chiropractic adjustments remove nerve interference. Magnets are one of the most ancient healing modalities on earth, and they are an integral part of the Emotion and Body Code method of energy healing.

The body has a built-in ability to heal itself. Sometimes the body needs help to restore itself to a state of balance. This help may consist of removing trapped emotions, Reiki, sound healing, detoxification, aroma therapy, chiropractic adjustments, and proper nutrition and exercise. Symptoms are the body’s way of telling us that something is wrong. They are a warning signal that you need to change something, or that your body needs some help. Healing is a process, and it takes time. If the essential cause of your illness is not dealt with, you will have the illness until your body is able to heal itself. We can speed up the process of healing by helping our bodies through energy-healing practices.

“Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics.”

~ Albert Einstein

We offer private Sound Healing sessions as an add-on to most of our services. We’ll travel to you if you book us for a private Sound Healing event that can be enjoyed in the privacy of your home with family members and friends. We also host corporate Sound Healing events for your office or workplace, for when you want to change things up from the usual office pizza party. Check out our events page for our monthly upcoming Reiki-Infused Sound Baths and Energy Alignment evenings and more.

Sound healing is the use of specific instruments, music, tones, and other sonic vibrations to balance and heal the body, mind, and spirit. Sound healing therapy improves many facets of the client’s life, including emotional and social development, cognitive and motor functioning, and psychological and psychiatric health. Healing with sound happens in a number of ways. Clients listen or sing along, improvise musical acts, meditate, chant, and play musical instruments. Some practitioners subject the client to specifically crafted sounds to induce positive brainwaves.

Music was never invented or discovered, but something innate in us all. It comes as no surprise then, that for centuries, sound healing has been used as a therapy to cure many ailments. Healing with sound dates back as far as ancient Greece. In the 1940s, the United States military incorporated music into their programs for the recuperation of army personnel during World War II. This is often described as the official dawn of music therapy in the United States. Today it is used in all aspects of medicine and spiritual growth. While it is still considered an alternative to modern medicine, scores of evidence suggest that it is effective, and necessary, for our emotional and psychological health.

During one of our sessions, the person receiving the sound healing gets into a comfortable position either laying down or sitting. We use various instruments to create a perfectly relaxing symphony of resonance, including crystal singing bowls, Tibetan singing bowls, pala and kenari shakers, chimes, handpan drum, buffalo drum, ocean drum, rain stick, and occasionally, guitar. Singing bowls are believed to calm and repair the mind and reduce stress and anxiety, lower blood pressure, improve breathing and circulation, alleviate aches and pains, strengthen the immune system, improve mood, and bring balance to the cells in the body.

The Emotion Code®

Energy healing has been used for thousands of years, but not many people know that they can access these holistic tools today. Not only is energy healing still practiced by certified practitioners like us, but everyday people can learn the necessary tools to help themselves and their loved ones access the power of energy healing and unlock the body’s natural ability to correct misalignments and imbalances that may lead to physical and emotional symptoms.

This short video by Dr. Bradley Nelson explains The Emotion Code system, a transformative energy healing method he developed to help clients discover and release trapped emotional energy. Contact us to experience a session with Tara Gess, a skilled Emotion and Body Code practitioner.

Releasing lower vibrational trapped emotions allows the body to heal faster and more efficiently. Emotions are vibrations of pure energy. Every emotion has its own unique vibrational frequency. Everything in the universe is made of energy, whether that energy manifests in physical form or remains invisible to us like radio waves, X-rays, infrared, thought waves, etc. Emotions are no exception. Quantum physics has proven that energies affect other energies. So it follows that we are affected by the energy of our emotions simply because our bodies are also made of energy.

Three things happen when we experience an emotion. First, our body generates the emotional vibration. Second, we begin to feel the emotion and any thoughts or physical sensations that come along with it. Third, we process (choose to let the emotion go and we move on, after a few seconds to several minutes). If either the second or third step is interrupted, the emotional experience is incomplete, and the energy of the emotion is likely to become trapped in the body. The emotion is what gives a “charge” to a memory.

The traditional approach in Western society is to talk about the past and discuss coping mechanisms with a therapist. While this is often helpful and can save lives, it does not address the trapped emotions directly, which means that the true root of the problem remains. A significant percentage of self-sabotage, physical illness, and emotional difficulties are actually caused by these unseen energies. The longer a trapped emotion remains in your body, the more likely it is to create emotional and physical pain for you. When a trapped emotion is released, a burden is literally lifted.

The Emotion Code is about clearing away the baggage so that you can be who you really are inside. Trapped emotions can keep you from living the vibrant, healthy life you are meant to live. About 90% of the time, physical pain can be thought of as a message from the subconscious mind that trapped emotions are present and need to be dealt with.

The most ancient idea in the art of healing is that disease is caused by imbalances in the body. Trapped emotions are the most common type of imbalance human beings suffer from. Trapped emotions create distortion in the body’s energy field which lowers immune function and makes the body more vulnerable to disease. They can distort body tissues, block the flow of energy, and prevent the normal function of organs and glands. For example, people whose lives are ruled by anger seem to suffer from liver and gallbladder trouble. People who have dealt with excess grief often suffer from lung or colon trouble. Fearful people tend to have kidney and bladder problems.

The only way to know whether you have trapped emotions is to ask the subconscious mind. This silent and unconscious intelligence within you is constantly busy storing information and keeping your body’s systems running efficiently. Everything you’ve ever done in your entire life has been logged in your subconscious mind. Your subconscious is also aware of exactly what your body needs in order to get well. It is actually possible to retrieve information from the subconscious mind, using a form of kinesiology, called “muscle testing”. The Emotion Code approach is like “emotional surgery” because we are searching out the trapped emotions with a clear intention of removing them. Each trapped emotion resides in a specific location in the body, vibrating at its own particular frequency. That emotional vibration will cause surrounding tissues to vibrate at that frequency. We call this phenomenon resonance. When you have a trapped emotion, it’s a bit like having a tuning fork in your body that is continually vibrating at the specific frequency of that negative emotion. Unfortunately, this may bring more of this particular emotion into your life. And can even infect a room of people! Ever experience a waiting room with a person who is angry about having to wait?

If you have a trapped emotion, you will attract more of that emotion into your life. You will also tend to feel that emotion more readily and more often than you otherwise would.

Your body is a collection of energies, flying in close formation. When you introduce the negative vibration of a trapped emotion into that formation, you alter the normal vibrational rate of the whole. Trapped emotions are negative energy, and they distort the body’s tissues. Distort the body tissues long-term, and pain and malfunction will be the result. The cells in your body actually distort and change over time to revert to a more primitive cell. Trapped emotions tend to gravitate toward weaker areas of the body where there is extra stress, an injury or infection, or other imbalance.

By releasing your trapped emotions, you are removing the unwanted negative energies that are hampering the normal function of your tissues, and you are helping to reestablish the free flow of energy, thus helping your body to heal itself. Your mind will return to a more natural state as well, without the drama, pain, and weight of your old emotions blocking you from progressing in your life.

The Emotion Code combines ancient healing principles with the power of magnetic energy in a simple method. First, we discover which trapped emotion is ready to be released. It is then possible to release the trapped emotion using the power of your intention. We use a magnet because they magnify the power of your intention. Even a light, small magnet can powerfully enhance the energy of your intention and carry it into the energy field of the body. The entire process seems almost too easy to be real, but we assure you… it is real and is that simple.

Trapped emotions can create a wall around your heart that can block you from living life to the fullest. People deal with uncomfortable and painful situations in different ways. Some attack, some retreat, and some hide. Usually, we feel the need to defend and shield ourselves from being hurt. When your heart is being hurt or is in danger of being “broken,” your subconscious responds quickly by building a shelter to keep it safe. The Heart Wall, created by the subconscious mind, is also made of energy. It just happens to be made of a specific sort of energy, the energy of trapped emotions. Having a Heart Wall long term is a lot like living your life in a bunker, underground and disconnected from the rest of the world.

We are meant to live vibrant, healthy lives, filled with love, joy, and connection. Of all the emotions, love is the purest and has the highest vibration. Love, the most powerful and most popular of all emotions, is both generated by the heart and received by the heart. When you have a Heart Wall, you are not able to give love as well as you might, because the love energy that is in your heart cannot get out well. Releasing your Heart Wall is often followed by a profound experience of connection with other people, resulting in the ability to give and receive more love.

When the Heart Wall is removed, it often takes time for changes to be felt and for things to realign in your life. The body and mind go through a transformative healing process once a Heart Wall is removed, and that can take some time. Though the effects of releasing a Heart Wall can be very apparent and immediately noticeable, most of the time the results are subtle, and the changes in a person’s life appear gradually, in ways that they themselves might not recognize right away. It can take from one to five sessions to release an entire Heart Wall.

“The Body Code is a patented, revolutionary energy balancing system, intended to help you uncover root causes of discomfort, sickness, and suffering in body and spirit – so you can have the opportunity to make corrections right on the spot. The Body Code was designed not just to bring relief to physical conditions. By identifying and releasing underlying energetic imbalances, you may feel connected to your true self. As you use The Body Code, you may clear emotional baggage to feel happier and more at peace than ever before.”

~Discover Healing

Energy Healing Benefits of The Body Code

Emotional Wellness

Achieve energetic balance when you remove Trapped Emotions, internalized trauma, and more.

Body System Balance

Achieve physical balance by identifying issues in organs, glands, muscles, body systems & how they connect.

Toxin Resolution

Identify heavy metals, free radicals, chemicals, EMF radiation & other toxins that may be throwing off your body’s balance.

Pathogen Resolution

Identify fungal, bacterial, viral, mold, or parasitic invaders that may wreak havoc on your body from the inside out.

Structural Balance

Support the proper function of bones, nerves, connective tissues, and alignment.

Nutrition & Lifestyle

Find herbs and nutrients, exercise and lifestyle habits your body is asking for.

The Emotion Code allows people to tap into their subconscious minds, ask questions, and easily receive answers, empowering people to take their health into their own hands by finding and releasing their trapped emotions. The Body Code expands on and includes the Emotion Code, allowing access to the subconscious mind to address the other sorts of imbalances you may be dealing with. These imbalances are the underlying reasons behind your physical, mental, and emotional symptoms. Not only does your subconscious mind know about your emotional baggage, but it also knows perfectly well about all of the other imbalances in your body.

The Body Code is a simple and practical method for finding solutions to create balance and optimal function for your body and your life. The Body Code system is designed to help you “decode” and correct the imbalances that are the true underlying causes of your problems. Most people who use The Body Code reestablish enough balance to allow for the natural flow of self-healing and progress – to feel better, alleviate pain, reduce doctor visits, improve function, increase creativity, break through mental blocks, improve relationships, and more.

A Limiting Beliefs Release session consists of tapping into your subconscious similar to the technique used in Emotion and Body Code and discovering and then releasing limiting beliefs you may have that are holding you back from living your truth and most authentic, joyful life.

“The mind is not made up of truth, as many believe. The mind is simply made up. The mind is fiction, but each day it has us believe that it is truth, that it is what is real. This is where all the problems start, not because the mind rants and raves about who we are and who we are not, or about what would make us truly happy. No, the problems start because we believe our minds. We believe our minds so strongly that they become our identities. Your mind is the snowball effect of one nontruth, one lie, after another, gathering more and more momentum, more and more Mind Lies. It was born not when you were born but as a result of when you decided who you thought you were; and now you have an identity based on one decision after the next about yourself, whether that identity is based in truth or a complete fallacy. Even the good qualities you have are not what makes you You. Your mind is the sum total of every belief you have identified with throughout your entire life. It affects everything about your life: your decisions and their outcomes, your health, your finances – everything!

Beliefs dictate your entire reality and therefore the course of your entire life. They determine how creative you are, what income level you achieve, how fast you make money, how well you sleep, how smart you are, how fast you learn, how you react to stress, how prone you are to disease and illness, how fearful you are of confrontation, whether you are likely to quit a challenge, what lengths you will go to in order to avoid failure and risk, how quickly your body heals and recovers, how fast you can run, how healthy your heart is, what your food intolerances are, what your hot buttons are and when they will get pushed, what types of ideas come through for you, how fast you evolve as a human being, and how long you will live.

Who you see yourself to be dictates what life you get to live. Your entire reality is driven by what you believe about yourself. Beliefs equal your reality. Changing your beliefs into truth is the fastest way to transform your life. Your beliefs are to you and your reality the same as software is to a computer. To change the life you know, you must reprogram the code. Our outer reality is merely a reflection of our inner reality. The more truth you embrace in your inner reality, the sooner your outer reality becomes what you actually want. Truth changes the chemistry in your brain, bringing about rapid healing in the mind and body, transforming your life from what hurts into what works.” ~Daniel Rechnitzer, Author of Mind Lies

Reiki reduces stress and improves overall well-being.

Reiki (pronounced ray-key) is a relaxing yet powerful Japanese technique that is used to promote physical, emotional, mental & spiritual healing. Physicists and Reiki practitioners share the belief that there is a life force energy that flows through all living things. In some Eastern cultures, this Universal Life Force energy is referred to as Ki, Chi, or Prana. When this energy is blocked or unable to flow freely, we may feel fatigued, depleted, and unwell. Reiki helps restore the flow of energy throughout the body, by opening up our energy pathways so they can function optimally.

During a session, Reiki practitioners are trained so that the energy flows from the practitioner’s hands into the client. The client is usually lying on a massage table, but treatments can be given while the client is seated or even standing. Sessions can also be held with the practitioner in one location and the receiver in a completely different location. This is often referred to as remote or distance Reiki. During the session, the client remains fully clothed and the practitioner places their hands on or near the client’s body in a series of hand positions. These include positions around the head and shoulders, the heart and other organs, major joints, and hands and feet. Other, more specific positions may be used based on the client’s needs. A Reiki treatment feels like a warm glow flowing through and surrounding you peacefully. Everyone can benefit from this lovely therapy; whether you are dealing with stress, grief, overwhelm, depression, physical pain, or you just need some restorative time to rest and rejuvenate.

The modern medical community has published evidence from clinical studies and trials which conclude that Reiki has broad potential as a complementary health therapy. Physicists and scientists have acknowledged life force energy for centuries. Now in modern times, surgeons are inviting Reiki practitioners to join them in the operating room to give Reiki to the clients and the medical staff during patient procedures. A Reiki station was set up to treat firefighters and first responders at Ground Zero during the efforts that followed after the 9/11 tragedy. In 2011, a group of doctors at Yale conducted a study to see the effects of Reiki on heart attack patients. The group that received Reiki healed faster and had a lower return rate of heart attacks three years later than the group that received only conventional treatments. It’s a welcome advancement that Western medical doctors are now considering the role that energy plays in the functioning of the body and the healing process.

Reiki is effective on its own and is also used as a complementary therapy with medical or therapeutic treatments, as well as other energy medicine, to relieve side effects and promote recovery.

Some of the benefits of Reiki include:

  • Deep relaxation and calm
  • Supports the body’s overall self-healing
  • Supports the processing of emotions
  • Improved energy
  • Improved focus and clarity
  • Better sleep
  • Improved immune system functions
  • Improved digestion
  • Enhanced balance and feeling centered
  • Improved mental health

We sell and offer consultation about the Young Living brand of essential oils, a respected company that prides itself on its sourcing and high-quality product. These oils have no extra preservatives, hormones, pesticides, or other harmful additives.

Contact us if you are interested in purchasing or learning more about how essential oils can improve your well-being.

“In purely practical terms, essential oils are concentrated compounds extracted from aromatic plants to capture that plant’s scent, flavor, and natural benefits. You’ll find these highly potent compounds in a plant’s seeds, flowers, bark, roots, leaves, stems, rinds, fruit, and resin. As an example, in citrus fruits, essential oils are found inside the peel. There are many who also see essential oils as the essence of a plant, the purest distillation of nature’s living energy. These oils have enhanced lives for thousands of years, with new uses and benefits still being discovered today. Within the plants from which they’re extracted, essential oils create that plant’s signature scent along with other benefits. For example, plants depend on their oils to attract pollinating insects and repel predators. Once extracted, essential oils will often have a stronger scent than the plants they hail from and exhibit more concentrated effects.

To enjoy these concentrated effects – the benefits of essential oils – you can apply them topically, typically added to other carrier oils, creams, and lotions. Other benefits come from diffusing these oils’ inviting aromas throughout your living or workspaces with an essential oil diffuser. Certain grades of oil can even be ingested and are used to flavor food and drinks. Of course, concentrated extracts like essential oils should be handled with care. Be sure to always check individual labels for instructions on how to use and apply an essential oil. Ask your doctor if you’re not sure a particular oil is right for you.”Young Living

We offer Emotion & Body Code or Reiki for animals.

As pet owners, we are always looking out for the needs of our pets. It’s important to remember that our pets and service animals have the ability to feel and have emotions in reaction to what they experience. Think about all the support our animals provide us, whether emotionally or physically. Sometimes we forget that their emotional and mental needs can often be complex like ours.

When working with animals, we talk to them as if they are humans. The animal may not understand the words, but they seem to connect with the intention that our thoughts convey. Animals understand what we’re trying to do for them. Their ability to understand human intention may even exceed our own at times.

When an animal develops symptoms of any kind, whether they are physical or behavioral, they may just be communicating to you that they have a trapped emotion. Releasing trapped emotions from an animal is essentially no different than releasing trapped emotions from a human being. To open a line of communication with an animal is a fascinating experience that can be quite moving. Reiki for animals is soothing and promotes peace, calm, and relief. It works very similar to Reiki for humans.

Animals love energy work! They often sit patiently, allowing the energy work, and then fall asleep almost immediately after the session. Sometimes they will wander around during sessions, too. Cats, dogs, and horses are our typical clients, but the work benefits most animals, including birds.

Animal Energy Healing, Happy Puppy
Animal Energy Healing, Happier Dog
Animal Energy Healing, Happy Cat
Animal Energy Healing, Happy Dog